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About Us

Oracle Healthcare Support Services is one of the most trusted names in the industry that has been helping people get instant access to medical services they needs. We offer an easy to use platform and services that are geared toward helping patients seek medical opinions as well as second opinions, including the task of scheduling a cheap, top notch quality medical treatment overseas.

Since our inception, we have been working together with the most trusted hospitals in order to provide top medical care services for all international patients. Every hospital that is included in our listing was carefully screened and selected, considering the treatment indicators involving experience and the qualifications of doctors, availability of the newest, advanced medical equipment and the modern infrastructure, hygiene standards, nursing staff quality, and the availability of the certificates of global and Indian control associations such as NABL, NABH, JCAHO and ISO. These also include the location’s convenience.

Oracle Healthcare Support Services has been working with their trusted affiliate hospitals in India like Max, Fortis, Apollo, Artemis, B.L. Kapoor, Medanta, etc. With all major trusted hospitals and clinics, a huge number of experienced doctors and a dedicated care team that is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, the healthcare network established by Oracle Healthcare Support Services is supporting your journey towards better health and improved quality of life. Our team is currently catering to different countries and areas that include Afghanistan, CIS countries, Middle East countries, Africa and some other countries.

Oracle Healthcare Support Services is the healthcare company that works on addressing the difficulties and problems faced by the international patients when it comes to visiting the country due to medical tourism. Our company is located in New Delhi, India and we are attracting and accommodating patients from different parts of the world that are seeking for improved and more advanced medical treatment and healthcare facilities where they will be receiving high quality services and care from certified customers at a price that they can surely afford.

The presence of our company in the industry is driven by the passion that we on breaking down and cutting down the boundaries of healthcare from the barriers of affordability, geography as well as rationing including some other forms of complex regulations. Founded with goal of simplifying the recent complex healthcare system, our dedicated team guarantees that all the procedures will be transparent, accessible as well as easy for all patients and families from various regions of the globe with peak significance to both services and quality.

The major principle of our company is to render the best possible healthcare to patients while making them feeling at home, combined with the state of the art healthcare of the international standards at a very competitive price. Our consistent focus remains on complying with the highest degree of principles as well as the standards for international patient care.

Our mission

Our mission is to make all medical tourists happy and satisfied. We believe that we will be able to attain this goal through eliminating confusion, anxiety as well as the surprise from the planning process and forming a medical trip. We are always giving our very best in order to meet the expectations of our clients when it comes to finding the best, high quality healthcare solution for them and for their loved ones.

Why Many Consider India When It Comes to Medical Tourism?

The country is providing a number of the greatest medical treatments in the world. The hospitals within the country, especially the ones that are working closely with us are with exceptional reputation. Plus, the fact that the health care industry in India has sustained a gigantic boom in the past few years. India is currently known as an international destination for seeking medical attention with its medical tourism rate grows up by 30% each year.
In spite of the prejudices concerning healthcare in the developing countries, we assure you that the private hospitals as well as the cosmetic surgery clinics within the country are at their best as they are equipped with the latest, state of the art medical technology and certified experienced and skilled medical professionals. Our fellow doctors are regarded as among the most trusted ones in the world and their decades of experience in medicine and surgery evolves from their years of training.

Hygiene within the private hospitals is excellent and patients are all screened and examined for HIV as well as Hbs Ag antibodies in order to avoid unwanted transmission of contagious diseases and incidence of MRSA. It is quite normal for operation theatres to be equipped with laminar air flow and obtained ISO9001 standardization, which has become very popular in the hospitals and clinics across the country.

Also, the medical facilities that are located in India are a few of the most cost effective facilities around the globe with the private hospitals that provide treatment at a half of the cost from other countries. Breast augmentation rates are much affordable and facelifts are also cheap in India. As a medical tourist, you may book package deals that include transfers, flights, hotels, treatments and post-operative vacation through our assistance here at Oracle Healthcare Support Services. It will let you make the most of the ancient Ayurvedic rivulet of medicines as well as alternative regenerating retreats that involve naturopathy, meditation and yoga.

The medical hotspots in India include Bangalore, Kolkata, New Delhi, Ludhiana, Hyderabad and Chennai. The international flights are from seventeen major airports that are spread in many parts of the country. India comes with a tropical weather with high temperatures, dry winters and the perfect time to come and visit the country is from the month of October to March. Thus, with the private facilities of India that are equal to that of the facilities in the West, multilingual efficient dentists and doctors, combined with huge savings on the rates, the country is definitely a great place for medical tourism.

Let Oracle Healthcare Support Services be your partner in fulfilling your needs for medical tourism. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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